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Envío y devolución


Inspect the cargo carefully when you receiving and signing for the cargo, making sure it is perfect.Send letter for us rather than sign for if it has any breakage; we will help you to process! We will irresponsible for it if your report question after you receiving and signing for it.

1.If you find the parcel was broken during delivery, open the parcel to check whether items are intactly. If not, please refuse delivery. After the parcel returned to us automatically, we will confirm weather the damage is made by transportation. If it is, we will send you another one of the same model for exhcange or fully refund your money accordingly.

2.If you want to return the parcel which you has signed, please email us to get the shipping address where your parcel can be returned to. We would have no responsibility for any missing parcel caused by returning to wrong shipping address without asking for our customer support's advice.

Shipping Methods

Dear Customers.we can ship the goods to worldwide,and All for fast !

Please note that all the items on our website are fast shipping. As for the shipping methods, we usually ship your order by EMS to most major destinations in the world. But some areas in the world like South Africa, Netherlands can't be reached by EMS, so we will change into Hongkong Air Mail automatically without notifying you. Please refer to the following shipping time of two shipping methods.

Total Delivery Time

Processing Time (five working days)

= From the time we received your order to the time we start to package your order. Five working days (except two weekend holidays) to get your order looked at, your payment confirmed, to make sure the shipping address is correct and to collect the items you purchased.

Packaging Time (one or two working days)

= Your order will be sent to the shipping company on the day of packing or no later than the next day.

Shipping Time

= The time it takes for the shipping company to drive or fly your package to you.

There are two methods to get above information from us,

1. Visit our website and re-login to check the update status.

2. Check your e-mail, for we will send update status to your e-mail address.

Note: (If you can't check it immediately with the tracking no. , please wait with patience. Some time is required by Express Company do uploading).

Opening hours:

8.15am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday

8.30am - 7.00pm Saturday

Enquiry for shipping by e-mail

Please name your title with your "Order No." so that we can give you a quick response, thanks.